Our Learning this Spring in St Francis

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What a fantastic Spring Term we have had! It has been so exciting coming back together as a class and we have learnt so much. Our focus this half term has been around the story ‘The Snail and The Whale’.

We have absolutely loved learning facts about snails and whales; ask us for more information!

As part of our snail study, we also learnt how to draw a snail with accuracy.

As part of our art, we focused carefully on the use of spirals in our artwork and how we move our pencil inwards, making our movements smaller and smaller.

In our Maths sessions, we looked at the story book and developed our mathematical understanding and vocabulary. We counted the snails on each page and talk about what would happen if one joined them or if one slithered away.

For R.E., we celebrated the special time of Lent. We focused on the three main actions during Lent: Praying, Giving and Fasting. We each thought about how we can action these in our own lives and think about others.

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