St Thomas Class. Week beginning 15th March 2021

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We’ve had a great second week in class and the children have settled back in to the new routine amazingly!

We had a lovely day on Tuesday with an amazing Dance Workshop based on the story Alice in Wonderland. The class absolutely loved the session and were engaged throughout and it was so lovely to see their happy faces. They made us so proud as their behaviour was fantastic. Well done St Thomas Class!

This week in Maths the children have been identifying the value of each digit in a 2-digit number. They have then been deciding which is the smallest and largest out of a selection of numbers and using mathematical vocabulary to explain their reasoning.

In English we have been reading a book called ‘Wanted: The Perfect Pet’ by Fiona Roberton. The children have enjoyed discussing the book and completing lots of reading and writing activities based around it. We are continuing to focus on sentence construction… paying particular attention to presentation and punctuation.

In Science we learnt about different world habitats and the different plants and animals that are adapted to survive in those particular conditions. We specifically looked at how a camel is adapted to live in the desert, a polar bear is adapted to live in the Arctic and how a shark is adapted to live in the ocean.

Today in Geography we have learnt about human and physical features of an environment. The children now understand that physical geographical features are naturally occurring and that human geographical features are built by man.

To end, we would like to say well done to Evie and Theo for completing some Bug Club reading this week and again to Evie for achieving a virtues and values certificate.

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