St Bernadette Awards

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Well done to Oskar and Alicja for receiving awards for their fantastic work. Oskar is showing himself to be a fantastic mathematician and is answering lots of questions in school and completing all of his reasoning and problem solving challenges. And Alicja is so enthusiastic during our remote learning sessions. She answers lots of questions and completes all of the work set.

Congratulations also go to Dom who received an award today for being grateful. He is always so well mannered and thankful if teachers help him in school, well done Dom.

And what a lovely surprise this week to find that the children in class nominated myself, Mrs Lisek and Miss Nurse for virtues and values awards. They said we had demonstrated that we were generous by being kind, always helping them and sorting out their problems. So thank you children, we are very proud of our certificates.

And thank you as always to all of the St Bernadette children for your fantastic work at home. You are all trying your best and a big thank you to your grown ups for supporting you so well.

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