St Francis – ‘Try Something New’ day

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Today was our ‘Try Something New’ day. We were very shocked when we first arrived at school because Mrs Cull, Mrs Armstrong, Miss Payne and Mrs Kings were all dress as elves.

We thought they were now working for Buddy the Elf who has been causing havoc around school.

In the morning, we tried out the apparatus in the hall. We had five different stations to try out. These included climbing the ropes, jumping off the horse onto a bounce mat, balancing on benches, using the space hoppers and trying out the spring board. It was great fun as this was the first time we had used apparatus.

After that, we went back into the classroom to find that all of our candy canes had been stolen; we thought it must have been Buddy. We found photographic evidence of him spreading the candy canes around our playground. So, together, we went on a candy cane hunt.

Finally, we looked at different patterns on baubles to inspire our own bauble biscuits. We carefully created our design using icing and sprinkles.

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