St Bernadette week 5

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We’re heading closer to the Christmas break but the children are still working really hard. They continue to practise their phonics, reading and writing in English and in maths we have continued to work on addition. The children learnt how to use the column method to add two digit numbers, with and without exchange. They also added 3 or more 1 digit numbers which they were very good at. Next week we will start some work on subtraction.

In RE, the children learnt about Advent and they named the parts of the Advent wreath. They also talked about what they symbolise and the importance of Advent.

In art, the children made their diva lamps out of clay and they will paint them next week. In computing, they had more fun making images using the green screen.

Finally, we had a special visitor arrive in our class this week, do you know who it was? It was Buddy the elf, all the way from the North Pole. The children have really enjoyed seeing Buddy getting into all sorts of hiding places in the classroom. He has been sat on the projector, hiding behind the nativity crib, he’s been up the Christmas tree and today he was using the washing line that we hang our English vocab and posters on as a zip wire! We can’t wait to see where he ends up next week.

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