This week in St Thomas Monday 23rd-Friday 27th November

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It is so hard to believe we have already completed 4 weeks of this half term and we only have 3 weeks until we break up for the Christmas break.

We have been busy this week and we have started our preparation for our Reception and Key Stage 1 Nativity Play (see our class page in the next few days for information on this).

In English, we have continued to work in our Read Write Inc groups; practising our reading, spelling and writing. We are encouraging the children to write with more independence.

In Maths, we have been looking at word problems this week and looking for clues in the problem to work out if it is an addition or subtraction problem.

E.g. There are 7 biscuits in a jar Mrs Millward eats 2. How many are left?

We are encouraging children to underline the key information; 7, 2 and ‘how many are left?’ The children write 7-2=5.


There are 4 children playing football, 2 more join. How many altogether?

We are encouraging children to underline the key information; 4, 2 and ‘how many altogether?’ The children write 4+2=6.

We have continued to count in ones, twos, fives and tens.

In History, we have been looking at how objects have changed over time. We looked at how Guy Fawkes used a quill & ink and a lantern and we use a pen and a torch. We are learning about how objects change over time.

In Science the children continued learning about our environment and this week in particular the effects of climate change. We completed an experiment where we observed what greenhouse gasses do to ice and then we wrote up what happened and whether our predictions were correct.

It was a very chilly PE day this week but the children kept on smiling and threw themselves into the lesson with enthusiasm. Their skipping skills are definitely improving!

Finally a big well done to the following winners of this weeks certificates. They are Molly-May, Oliwia M, Theo, Hayden, Olivia P, Zuzanna, Oliver, Jacob and Tyler.

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