St Francis Class – Phonics videos

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In response to feedback from our parent consultations, we have a video demonstrating the pronunciation of each sound.

We have also created a video demonstrating the process of Fred Talking; an important skill that promotes oral blending. We say the sounds and the children put the sounds together to blend the word.

There are many ways that you can support your child in learning this crucial skill:

  • Find a range of objects (hat, mat, bin, top for example). Fred Talk the word and ask your child to blend the sounds, pointing to the correct object
  • Can you point to your l-e-g? Can you point to your h-a-n-d?
  • Show your child a range of pictures. Can you point to the c-a-t? Can you point to the d-o-g?

Please watch these videos as many times as you like; the children love to pretend they are the teacher and they will love to teach you the sounds at home too.

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