Week 2 St Bernadette

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The children have quickly settled back in to school life after the half term break and I’m pleased to say are working extremely hard. They have all been busy in their RWI phonics and English groups, working hard on remembering new sounds, ensuring their punctuation is correct and trying to think of independent sentences.

In maths, they are chanting their times tables as a class at the start of lessons and we are going to time them to see how quick they are becoming. This week they have been adding and subtracting 1’s, adding and subtracting 10’s and adding a two digit number and 10’s using a place value chart.

In science, the children thought about the season of Autumn and what they wear during this season and how the trees look. They will complete this activity for each season so they can compare the seasonal changes. They also learnt about how the day length changes.

In PE, the children are enjoying Mrs Churchill’s boot camp. They are definitely understanding how even short bursts of exercise are very good for raising their heart rates and keeping them fit and healthy. They are also becoming excellent at skipping which they are being taught by Miss Pitt.

Congratulations to all of the children who have logged onto Bug Club, it is so lovely to have such keen readers in my class and I know that lots of the children who don’t access Bug Club still do a lot of reading at home too.

And congratulations to Sarah and Tiarnie who received awards in our virtues and values assembly today. Both girls have been intentional in the way that they have behaved maturely this week to other children.

Thank you to all parents who made a parents evening appointment this week. It was lovely to get to speak to you all properly and I hope you enjoyed hearing about how your child is doing. It was also lovely to hear how so many children are really enjoying their time in year 2 so far.

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