St Bernadette week 1

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Welcome back to a new half term, I hope you all had a nice break. We have got straight back in to learning this week and have been very busy. The children have all changed RWI phonics and English groups and are becoming much more confident with their sounds. We are spending a lot of time in lessons focusing on sentence structure and ensuring capital letters and full stops are not missing. A letter was sent home on Monday regarding the phonics screening check that will be taken by year 2 children in December. Attached to the letter was a copy of the sounds children learn in phonics. Ask your child to show you how many sounds they know, I know you will be very impressed.

In maths, the children have been recognising the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction, finding related facts between numbers, e.g. if we know 5 + 4 = 9 then we also know 50 + 40 = 90 and identifying our number bonds to 100.

In science, we all went outside on an Autumn walk. The children thought about what they could see and hear and how this differs from Summer. The children had their photograph taken in front of a tree and we will repeat this again in Winter to see how the tree changes.

Congratulations to Lena and Joanna who received awards in our virtues and values assembly today. They have been prophetic by always doing the right thing and setting an excellent example to others.

And well done to all the children who have logged on to Bug Club this week.

The children have been given the opportunity to take home a library book today from the library in our classroom. The children can keep the book for a week and they may change it next Friday if they want to. Books will be cleaned and then placed in a quarantine box for a week, before being put back on the shelf.

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