Sparkler fun with St Francis Class

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In St Francis Class today, we celebrated Bonfire Night, but in our own way. First we learnt about the origins of Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes. We then located London on our world map in relation to where we live. In preparation for our sparkler session, we created a set of instructions to keep us safe. These included: No running, stand away from each other, wear gloves, listen to the adults and hold the sparklers away from your body. After that, we went outside and lit our sparklers.

Alongside our sparkler fun, we created a collaborative Bonfire Night splatter painting; we absolutely loved it, we even managed to get paint all over Mrs Cull.

We used the paint brushes to splatter paint and then sprinkled glitter over the top to create a sparkling effect.

We then relaxed over a cup of warm hot chocolate and a biscuit.

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