In St Thomas Class this week…

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We had a great start of the week handing out certificates for those children that have been accessing the books on bug club.

In English, we have continued to work in our Read Write Inc groups. In the lessons we are practising different phonics sounds, spelling and writing sentences. Read Write Inc books are changed on a Friday. If your child finishes their book please log on to bug club as they have been allocated books on there too

In Maths, we are now confident with our tens time table up to 10×10 and we will keep practising 111×10 and 12×10. Next week we will be revisiting some of the topics taught this term and assessing where the children are with addition and subtraction in preparation for after half term.

In RE, the children in Year 2 looked at different Psalms and have created their own. Year 1 looked at two stories about Jesus: ‘The Presentation at the Temple’ and ‘Jesus as a boy in the temple’

In Science this week the children continued with their experiment to see which material would be the most suitable for a raincoat. We tested fabric, foil, thin plastic, paper and card. The children decided the plastic would be the most suitable as it was both waterproof and strong. The foil was also waterproof but the children were not happy with this choice as they said it would rip too easily.

During PE the class worked very hard on improving their throwing and catching skills. They have learnt that they always need to keep their eyes on the ball but that they can also move further forwards or further back in order to help them reach their target. They have been working in small groups and it has been lovely to see them giving each other positive praise and encouragement.

Well done St. Thomas Class. You have been superstars!!!

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