Week 4

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We started the week with our awards assembly. Well done to Nadia and Nicolas for their hard work since coming back to school and for being excellent role models for the rest of the class. In English this week, the children continued with reading and writing activities based on the book of the week. During RWI English sessions children focus on letter formation, sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. They also practise their phonic speed sounds to help with their reading. In maths, the children have partitioned numbers into tens and ones and recombined them to write number sentences, they have used their place value knowledge to place numbers on a blank number line, represented numbers on a place value chart and compared objects using <. > and = symbols and the vocabulary greater than, less than and equal to. In RE, the children heard the story of Jonah and the whale. They reflected upon how it can be hard to say yes to a request and what happens when they don’t follow a request at home or school. In science, the children found objects made from wood and plastic and thought about what made them suitable for certain purposes.

Well done Nadia!
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