In St Thomas Class this week…

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We have had a busy week in class and the children have worked very hard.

In History, we have continued to look at ‘The Great Fire of London’ and the children worked in partners and threes to match sentences.

In Computing, we have been learning about ‘algorithms’ (Yes, the children have learnt what this word means). It means the children input an instruction and there is an outcome. The children have practised this by giving their partners instructions; two steps forward, right turn etc.

Here are some photos of the children giving instructions on the school playground:

In Maths, the children have been sequencing numbers forwards and backwards from different numbers eg 11, 12, 13…… & 20, 19, 18…..

In English, the children have continued to work in Read Write Inc groups across the Key Stage. They practise their reading, writing and handwriting within the lesson.

In RE, Year 1 children have been learning about St Francis of Assisi and Year 2 have recalled the story of Jonah and the Whale.

In Science we have been continuing with our work on everyday materials. The children have learnt to recognise how to differentiate between the object and the material it is made from. This week they have searched for different materials in the classroom and in the playground and have then discussed the suitability of the materials for their purpose. They have been very good at using specific vocabulary such as: waterproof, rigid, flexible, soft, hard, rough and smooth.

Our PE lesson this week was lots of fun (especially as it was so windy and the leaves were blowing everywhere much to the children’s delight!) We are getting better each week at throwing and catching using different sized balls, both in pairs and in small groups.

St Thomas class have also been trying very hard to write cursively. In handwriting sessions they have practised writing both their first and surnames using pre-cursive joins.

We are excited to see what next week will bring!

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