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Dear children of St Teresa class 2019-2020,

I just wanted to leave a few final messages for you all before school officially closes for the summer. Hopefully you have all received letters from us at school so you know we have all been thinking of you and missing you very much these past months. But there were a few final things I wanted to say.

To the Year 4s who attended graduation yesterday – thank you so much for coming! I have never had a class graduate from first school before and it meant a lot to be part of the final stage of your journey at St Thomas More. I am hugely proud of all of our Year 4s and I know you will all go on to have a fabulous time at your middle schools.

To the key worker children who I have seen during the closure – thank you so much for all your hard work and for keeping me smiling through the strangest time in my career! You have been an absolute credit to the school.

To those who I have not seen since March – I am so sorry that we never got to say a goodbye. Please know that you are still just as important and I still think of you just as fondly. I hope you enjoy returning to school in September.

To the Year 3s – have a lovely restful summer because you have a big year ahead of you! But I know you are going to be brilliant Year 4s and this time next year your teachers will be standing on that stage being immensely proud of you all as you graduate. Enjoy your final year at first school – it will fly by.

To all those who have sent letters, emails, photos, work, pictures and presents –  thank you, thank you so much. They have all been hugely appreciated and I am only sorry that I haven’t been able to thank everyone personally.

My year at St Thomas More has been far more memorable and eventful than I ever imagined but it has been a true privilege to teach you and I will always remember you all fondly and hold you in my prayers.

With my love and best wishes to all the children and their families,

Mrs Mason x

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