Goodbye from your teacher

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Well we have come to the end of your time in year 2 and it has not ended the way we would have liked. But you are all more than ready for your next adventure into year 3. A huge thank you to children and parents who have sent in gifts, children who have sent me emails and cards, written me letters or drawn me pictures, they are all so appreciated. Thank you all for your hard work at home and to parents for supporting your children so well. St Bernadette class you have been utterly fantastic and I will miss each and every one of you. Thank you so much for your hard work, your never ending enthusiasm, for always trying your best and for being 30 of the most wonderful little characters that I am so lucky to have taught for the time that I did. I wish you all a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you all looking so smart in your shirts and ties when we return in September. Love from Mrs Churchill xx

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