Final home learning Friday 17th July 2020

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This is our final home learning of the year. Bitesize is still on next week as some schools do not close for the summer until next Friday, so please use if you want to.

If you want to enjoy the last day of school do what we would do in school; have a class party, look back at photos from the year or play a game. Have fun!


Year 3

The big quiz – Challenges for Year 3

Play the big maths quiz featuring questions from this term’s maths challenges.

This lesson includes:

  • one quiz
  • some ideas for more fun learning


Bitesize Daily Book Club: Direct your own film

Using the poem Emma Hackett’s Newsbook, and the books The Worst Witch and Slime you will create your own director’s notes and film.

This lesson includes:

  • three videos of the extracts being read
  • a lesson showing you how to make a film
  • two activities

Please don’t feel you have to film your script, you could perform in front of your family.

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