Home Learning Tuesday 7th July

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The RWI set 2 phonics is now complete, it starts all over again today, so you can recap the sounds again to the end of the year.  Follow the instructions for phonics above complete the speed sounds lesson and spelling.

The sound is ‘igh – fly high’


Today I would like you to use your story map from last week (If you did not complete one you can look back on last week’s lesson on the Friday.

I would like you to continue with your story writing today.


We looked at 1 more yesterday, today we will look at 1 less again and how the number/amounts get smaller. You can have a go at 1 less than activities or write it down on the sheet or paper.

Today’s number is 14, remind yourself what 14 looks like and how it can be made.


Complete some of the activities from the home learning sheet number 14, you could use your number cards to order them to 14 then find out what is 1 more/less than 14.


This week we are going to do some transition to Year 1 activities.

First of all, I would like you to tell me about your favourite memories from Reception before we went on Lock down. You could fill in one of the sheets or draw pictures of your memories instead using the sheet for ideas.

Remember we have done topics about: Toys, The Gingerbread man, The little Red Hen. We went to the Church, investigated mystery visitor than came into the classroom. We have done a lot of Phonics and Maths work and have been outside for activities too. Who are the friends you made?