Work for Friday 3rd July

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The RWI set 2 phonics is now complete, it starts all over again today, so you can recap the sounds again to the end of the year.  Follow the usual format for phonics and complete the speed sounds lesson.

The sound is ‘ay – ‘May I play?’


As we have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk it is time to watch the powerpoint or there is an e-book on the twinkl website if you can access it.

Then your task is to create a story map, think about where he lives, who he met, where the beanstalk took him and what he stole and the ending.

You can print off the sheets below or draw your own story map if you haven’t got a printer.


Today we will look at number 12. You can watch Number Blocks 12, click the link below.

Complete some of the activities from the home learning sheet number 12, you could use your number cards to order them to 12 then find out what is 1 more/less than 12.


Can you create a picture or list of all the things you have done during Lockdown? Did you go out in your garden or go for a walk? Maybe you made something or did some baking. Don’t forget to e mail your picture to our class page.