Thursday 16.5.19 Residential 😄

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Children have had a fab morning at the ‘Climbing Wall’ where many conquered their fears and managed to get to the top. The children then had a mile walk back to base just in time for a yummy lunch of baguettes and a variety of fillings!

Pupil Voice-

Nikola, ‘I really liked the climbing and got to the top two times and I think I’m going to really enjoy the Archery this afternoon’.

Lena, ‘I liked the climbing although I was a little scared I still managed to get to the top’.

Nikola, ‘I am really enjoying being with the group’.

Nicola, ‘I have enjoyed everything so far but if I had to choose one it would be the Tug of War’.

Maja, ‘I have enjoyed spending time with my friends and learning about nature’.

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