First Day at Residential 😊

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Children have had a fantastic first day! We arrived early afternoon and children were put into their pods, took a tour of the site and ate their lunch. Shortly after the activities started we had groups taking part in ‘Tug of War’, ‘Team Games’ and ‘Fencing’. The children even enjoyed the evening meal of pasta bake and salad.

Pupil Voice-

Kaitlyn, ‘My highlight of the day was free time as I worked so hard in the Fencing session I needed a rest’.

Siobhan, ‘My favourite part of the day was when we took part in Tug of War although my team only won once I still loved it’.

Flynn, ‘I have enjoyed getting to know the place and the teachers outside of school they are actually really fun!’.

Elliott, ‘I loved the fencing and playing with my friends’.

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