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Thank you so much for your wonderful gifts and wishes they are very much appreciated! I have had a wonderful two and a half terms teaching Sycamore Class…………they really have been an absolute joy to teach!  I will try and visit before the end of term so that the children can meet baby Millward and find out if it is a boy or a girl.  I really do mean it when I say that I will miss coming in and seeing the children, they are a credit to you all.

Love Mrs Millward

25th May 2018


Welcome to Sycamore Class Summer 2nd half

Sycamore Class have two teachers; Mrs Peachey on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Mogg on Thursday and Friday. Our class Teaching Assistant is Miss Egan.

Reading books are in on a Wednesday and we hear each child read individually.

Spelling test books need to be on a Thursday and books will be returned Friday, with the score and new spellings every three weeks.


Important dates:

Year 1 Phonics Screening check will be completed the week beginning Monday 11th June 2018.  Children that are absent will complete the check the following week.

Come and join our party Friday 22nd June 2018 2.30pm.

To celebrate the schools 40th Birthday

Summer Term

We have had a great last few weeks in Sycamore Class.

Here is our Sycamore Tree, it has completed changed compared to last month.  Unfortunately the photo isn’t very clear due to the lovely sunshine!

We have written our own version of The Enormous Turnip and have changed charcaters, time adverbials and have used words which have suffix ‘ed’ at the end (eg pulled, tugged, yanked).

In Maths we have been practising division by sharing into groups.  Here are  a few challenging problems to give your children:


Please continue to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s over half term.

Next week in Maths we will be looking at multiplication and division.  Please practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s to 20, 5s to 50 and 10s to 100.  Please take no more than 5 minutes a day on this activity.  Our work will be related to grouping objects in 2s, 5s and 10s.


Our NEW topic is called   ‘How do plants grow?’ 

We had a very busy first week back after Easter.  The children seemed to have grown up over the two week Easter break and it was lovely to see them all back last week.

In English we have been reading the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and are learning about ‘time adverbials’.  These are found at the beginning of a sentence:






The children will be learning how to use these correctly and adding them to their own writing.

In Maths we are looking at numbers to 50 and comparing their size using the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols.  Do ask your children what these look like!

We have planted seeds in Science and know how to look after them.  On Monday 23rd April we went on a tree walk around school and you may see some labels on the trees in the school grounds!  A big well done to Evan who found the Maple tree at the bottom of the field! Each class in the school is named after a tree found in the school grounds.

The Sycamore Tree

The tree looks completely different this month, thanks to some good weather!  The children have added the photograph to our timeline in the classroom and we can’t believe the changes. Please look at the timeline on the class window.


We have had a very busy Spring term!

The final few weeks have flown by and the children are now over halfway through Year 1.

This half term we have continued to practise our phonics daily, in preparation for the Phonics test in June.  We have also been working hard with our writing and are now using conjunctions in our sentences.  A conjunction is a word that allows the children to extend their sentences.  Examples of a conjunction are: and, but, so because.

The cat is big and brown.

I love playing football, because I am good at it.

It is very cold today, but I forgot my coat.

Mary’s mummy was late, so she had to wait in the school office.

The children are able to explain what a conjunction is so please do ask them!

In Literacy we created a non-fiction report about our favourite animal.  We have been learning about the different groups of animals and what they eat too.  Ask your child what a carnivore eats.  We then listened to The Carnival of the Animals by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns and created our own version!

In Maths we have been working on addition and subtraction facts and looking at fact familes.







We use the part whole model to figure out the fact families.

  • 3+2=5
  • 2+3=5
  • 5=3+2
  • 5=2+3
  • 5-2=3
  • 5-3=2
  • 2=5-3
  • 3=5-2

In RE we have been looking at events of Holy Week and have acted out the Palm Sunday and The Last Supper.

We have also looked at the Sycamore Tree for the month of March and it hasn’t changed much………………we are hoping for some buds to appear in April.

Well done to all the homework projects this term, they were all AMAZING!

Thanks for your continued support.  Enjoy the Easter break and we will see you soon.

The Sycamore Team

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term

What an eventful first week we have had this week! It has been a very busy week in school, that has been made even more interesting by the snow!

This week we went on a walk of the local area, we saw some fantastic animals from Weird & Wonderful, we celebrated World Book day and we had A LOT of snow.

Thanks for  the homework projects from last half term; they have all been returned.  Well done to those children that took part.


Spring Term

We have had a fantastic and busy Spring Term.  Thank you Sycamore Class for making it so much fun for us all! A big well done to the class for their excellent attendance.  We have achieved 100% again and we never go below 95%!

Thanks for all the homework projects, they are currently on display in the school hall.

New homework has been set on Education City and Bug Club.  If you need passwords reissued please do ask.  Please can you ensure that you complete the bug club books correctly as I don’t allocate new books until the books have been completed.

We took a new picture of our Sycamore tree and have added it to our class timeline.  This is a good way for the children to see the change in seasons.

This week we also completed our Science experiment.  We investigated the affect germs have.  Look at what happen to the bread that was touched with unwashed hands………………………….

Thanks again for making this term so much fun Sycamore Class.  I will see you after half term!

From All the adults in Sycamore Class

Friday 16th February 2018

We had a busy week last week again in Sycamore class.  We have designed and madThis e Superhero badges out of clay.  We have practised colour mixing so that we are ready to decorate the badges this week.

Please also ask your children about our Science experiment.  Ask them about the slice of bread that has been touched by unwashed hands, there will be pictures to follow!


We have had another busy week in Sycamore Class.

Please ask your children about our Science experiment we have set up to look for germs!

The Sycamore Tree has really changed this month, please take a look…….

As you can see there are no leaves on the tree!  We compared the changes to the tree so far.

We have had a very busy week this week!  We have been working hard in English writing a superhero story and we have been practising our addition facts to 20.

In Computing some of Year 4 Oak class came to help us use Espresso coding.  It is the first time the children used the coding program and we all benefited from the expertise of Oak class.

Happy New Year!

We hope that you had a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Our new topic is called ‘To the Rescue’.  In this topic we will be looking heroes in everyday life as well as superheroes.

On Friday the 5th January, we created superhero potions so that we could have superpowers!  We had to write a list of ingredients and then follow our instructions.  Some of us even tasted the end result.  We also learnt about capacity and measuring liquid accurately.

We had A LOT of fun!

The Sycamore Tree

Here is a picture of the Sycamore Tree on 19th December.  It has changed again from last month!

Smart Trees Trip

We had a fantastic time on our trip.  We met father Christmas and his reindeers.  We also got to experience a trailer ride around Smart trees.  It was so much fun in the snow!

Christmas Trip at Smart Trips


The Christmas Play

We have had a busy few weeks practising for our Christmas play and learning the songs.  All the children did a fantastic job.  Thank you for all your help and support!

Sycamore class in their costumes.


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