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Welcome to St Thomas’ Class Page.  Mrs Peachey and Mrs Garratt are the Class Teachers and Mrs Lisek is the Teaching Assistant.

Our curriculum information for this half-term is:

MTP Autumn 2 Y2 Light and Dark

MTP Autumn 2 Y1 Light and Dark


MTP Autumn 1 Y1 Bright Lights, Big City

MTP Autumn 1 Y2 Bright Lights, Big City


What a busy Half Term the Year 1 children have had…


Using the Talk for Writing sequence of learning the children have been able to write two non-fiction reports.

The first being ‘The life of Guy Fawkes’, children completed story maps, acted the report out in front of the class and even had the opportunity to write how we celebrate bonfire night now. The second report was based on advent and the traditions that Christmas brings. Once again children completed a story map but instead of writing they became news reporters to present their work.

We have just started looking at our new text ‘The Tin Forest’, this text will allow us to look at setting descriptions which we will then use to create our own.


Well done to all the children that have moved up book bands! I can’t wait to see what next term brings.


We have some great mathematicians in Year 1! Following the White Rose Scheme of work, the children have been able to;

-Represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 10.

-Read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals (=) signs.

-Add and subtract one-digit numbers to 10, including zero.

-Solve one step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations and missing number problems.


This term the children have focused on 3 units;

Families and Celebrations –  Children have been able to discuss the different celebrations that they have been involved at home or in school but also to identify celebrations as an important part of family life.  They understand that Mass is an important celebration for God’s family and can discuss and the different words, actions and gestures that take place. Watch this space the children will soon be leading Mass!

Prayer – Children understand that prayer is a special way of spending time with God and can all describe ways in which we pray.

Advent- This unit was designed to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus. The unit has also developed the children’s understanding of the importance of the birth of Jesus through the events that happened before and after, and the impact it had on the people involved.

Please find below some useful websites below to help your child;



I would just like to thank you all for the support that you have given your child over this last term.


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