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Welcome to our Reception Class Page.

In Reception we have two classes: Willow Class with Miss Forty and Holly Class with Mrs Goodyear. Our Reception Teaching Assistants are Mrs Manzur and Miss Mills.

We have PE on Monday and Thursday.

Reading books should be in every Monday and will be sent out by the Tuesday.

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Summer Term

We can’t believe that another year has almost gone since your child joined us in September. We have been very busy again this term, the children have enjoyed learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They enjoyed looking at and growing their own plants. We have also been thinking about the life cycle of a butterfly and learnt the story of The Hungry Caterpillar. The children have helped create a large life cycle of a butterfly and thoroughly enjoyed creating mini beast and bugs in our art area.

Spring Term

Umberslade Farm

For our topic we are looking at Farming and how things grow. We took the children to Umberslade Farm to learn more about what happens on a farm and the animals that are there.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and loved handling the farm animals. They got to feed and hold lambs, pet the smaller animals, they also saw and learnt about pigs, horses and calves.

They were able to feed and stroke the chickens and even got to go on a tractor ride.


Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Our Topic this half term is called ‘Once Upon a time’ We will be learning the story of the Gingerbread Man and taking part in lots of activities related to it.

Tuesday 8th of January

The children had an interesting day when they discovered a rather messy situation.


There was great excitement as we all discussed what could have happened.

Then we found an envelope addressed to Holly and Willow classes. It was from Mrs Cook the Little old woman who baked a gingerbread man. Unfortunately as she had opened the oven he had jumped out and run off. Mrs Cook asked for our help to find the missing gingerbread man.


We thought of some questions to ask people around the school and went to interview some of them.

The Christmas Production

The children were fantastic in the school play ‘A Midwife Crisis’ and their confidence grew throughout. They sounded wonderful as they sang the songs and had a really good time learning them.

In RE the children learnt about a Baptism.

The children took part in a baptism role play, where they took on the parts of mother, father, god parents and the Priest.


Week Beginning 20th November 2017

We have had a very busy week this week.

As part of understanding of the world the children have been taking on the role of different people in the community. The children really enjoyed the veterinary area and kitchen.


They also had great fun dressing up as different characters and using their imagination.

Also this week, we have been demonstrating our knowledge and understanding of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!’. We acted out the story in class and then we discussed how we could change it to reflect our current topic: Dinosaurs. We ventured outdoors on a dinosaur hunt and, as we explored the area, we adapted our previously learnt story.

‘Uh -oh, a gate! A big, metal gate! We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. Oh no. We will have to go through it!’


‘Uh -oh, a climbing frame! An enormous, wooden climbing frame! We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. Oh no, we will have to go round it!’

‘Uh – oh, leaves! Crispy, crunchy leaves! We can’t go over them. We can’t go under them! Oh no, we will have to go through them!’.

‘What’s that? Two big nostrils. A huge set of sharp teeth. Green scaly skin. It’s a dinosaur!’.


Our visit to Woodrow Library

On Monday 20th November and on Monday 28th November, Holly and Willow class visited our local library. We listened to a story about a ‘Bumble Bear’ and then we did some coloring. We particularly loved the coloring as it was pictures of dinosaurs.

Our Dinosaur day

To introduce our topic about dinosaurs we followed some footprints around the playground. We wondered what they were from, the footprints led us to some eggs. We gathered them up and discussed who the eggs belonged to and how to care for them.


We have had a wonderful start to the year with our new classes and have shared some fantastic experiences. This week we visited Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and learnt about celebrations that take place within the church.

Our trip to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

Keep checking our page for our weekly adventures.





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