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Crowning of Mary

Mass was celebrated in school on Tuesday, 1st May.  Thank you to everyone who brought in flowers.


Prayer Life

This year, we are increasing the number of prayers that children need to know by heart. We will be learning these prayers in school but would encourage you to use them in daily family prayer. After Christmas, we will be asking children to produce designs to reflect the content of each prayer and the winning designs will be displayed in classrooms.

Please see the PowerPoints on this web page to find out which prayers your children are learning this year.

Reception Prayers Year 1 Prayers Year 2 Prayers Year 3 Prayers Year 4 Prayers


First Holy Communion

We have begun our First Holy Communion program for this year and the children took part in their first session which was on ‘Belonging’. The children had to think about who we belong to, who is in our community and what it means to belong to the Church.

Following this session, the children attended mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Saturday evening with their parents and sang beautifully in front of the congregation.


Year 4 Visit to the Synagogue.

As part of our learning about other faiths, Year 4 visited Singer’s Hill Synagogue in Birmingham.

It was an incredibly beautiful building and we were given a guided tour where we found out all about Jewish prayer, customs and artifacts. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a fantastic day.


We go to say the Rosary on a Friday lunchtime. We say one Our Father and 10 Hail Mary’s. As well as that we think about what season it is (Lent we say the Sorrowful Mysteries, Easter – Glorious Mysteries, Christmas – Joyful Mysteries etc.) Two children from the Liturgy group lead saying the Rosary.

(Christa V)

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